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A survey realized by PopCap Games company shows that one in three mobile phone owners regularly play games on their device. So does the Blackberry users as well. They turned their phone into an entertaining device. The Internet offers for the Blackberry users’ bunch of free games to download.

One of the most famous games for PC is the Asteroids and now it is available for Blackberry too. The main purpose of this game is to destroy as many asteroids as possible. Beware of UFO attacks otherwise you will lose the game.

Another game you may enjoy, if you are more into logic skills is chess. This game has the same rules as in real life, but an innovative idea of playing into a mobile phone is the fact that you may play against a server or provoke a real opponent. The main advantage of playing this game is the fact that it has a socializing platform: you can chat and upload photos for your avatar. The Chess game is also available on line. If you are more into fight games, meet Fight Club. This is a classical fight game. You meet some bad guys you should beat up to win the fight. So, go head and download it online . Well, if you are a driver and you want to test your abilities on your mobile phone, drive this virtual car, avoiding obstacles and taking as much goodies as you can, to win extra points. You have to go through many levels facing the time limit, so you better hurry up, press 2 in order to speed up your car. Moreover there are games, animal related, for instance: Puppy Adventure. You are in full control of some puppies Based on puppies’ curiosity you can go and explore a field while searching for food, bones and e key. This key should help them enter into their house. While trying to find the key you will meet some obstacles, such as guys who may capture your puppies. This game is also available online. For those who love sports here comes: Hockey Pong. This game follows the rules of the real hockey game. You are not supposed to play with any team but with Canada Team one of the best known in the world.

Furthermore, there is the Backgammon game as well. This game is also famous and if you are lucky while rolling the dice then try it online . Finally, there are some games such as: Hand to hand Combat based on the rock, paper, and scissors real game. Try to defeat your Blackberry. If you have enough patience go for a virtual fishing game called Ice Fishing. Cut some holes and wait for the biggest fish to come. These games are available for free online. Play pool and try to win against your Blackberry phone: Midnight Pool or test your memory on a game that is one of the classical ones.

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