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My sister is a secretary and her boss dictates her letters she is supposed to type and send during the day in a very fast pace. She interrupted him a few times, but then she was too ashamed, considering that she is a good secretary and he is the new boss. She then realized she had to improve her typing skills in order to keep her job, because otherwise ... well, let's not think about it. But it is very true. Managers and employers all over the world appreciate those employees that have certain skills and abilities that justify the fact they are receiving salary every week or every month. There are plenty of people like my sister and the solution is simple: instead of considering a career change or being fired for incompetence you can improve your typing skills and you will certainly be more appreciated by your boss. Why not, maybe you will get a raise.

But not only secretaries need to improve their typing skills. All the people who use a computer at work should do that as it saves a lot of time to type faster and you know that "Time is money". People like me who are writing articles or reviews or newspaper columns and other similar stuff would appreciate a lot an improvement in their typing skills. I type pretty fast myself, but image just how long it would take me if I typed really slowly and I had a deadline for articles.


The solution for all the people described above is to purchase some kind of typing software. But first you have to find out which one is the best typing software and then to see if we can get it for free. It is relatively simple to find out the best typing software as it is present all over the internet pages and this is Beacon Mavis typing software. Now let's see if we can get this beauty for free. Apparently we can:
here, here and here
. Take care because the free download software that you find on the internet is most if the times a time limited trial or has limited features compared to the whole purchase software. You should assess your priorities and see what's more important for you: to get it for free or to get a better version but at a high price.

Mavis Beacon Teaches typing was awarded for being the best typing software available on the internet. It sure provides a lot of features to get such an award. First I should say that this software is very easy to use and offers great possibilities for both beginners and fast typers or professionals (like my sister). It offers you the possibility to improve your typing by playing humorous games, watching funny videos, reading custom lesson plans and interactive guides. If you have a portable device like an iPod or Palm, you can take it with you and use it every time you have some free time.
The software was not designed for a target group; it can be used by children as well as adults. Just choose the appropriate games and lessons and the job is done.


But what is so special about this software, that makes everybody want to get it? What makes it different from other typing software? I think it is about the multiple choice of features you have at your disposal and the afct that it makes you learn and improve your typing skills in a pleasant and funny manner and you do not have the impression that you are at school, ready to get a bad mark. Let's see what this is about.

First the interface: it's a little unusual. You are presented the image of a classromm and you have to choose and press different objects in the classroom to activate different features. For example if you want to start a lesson, press the image of the computer. You are allowed to interfere in the software application and customize your lessons and even get your own material. You can play typing games, choosing the level of difficulty. Another important thng is the software, besides offering video lessons and drills, also offers some very useful advice concerning the correct position ob your body during typing and the ergonomics at your office and at home, when you use the computer. This advice is common sense, but very pertinent, making us aware of the defectuous position that our body gets sometimes.


This download free Mavis beacon typing software is kind of interactive and gives a great feed back. You can see the progress you made since you started the typing lessons and also see what your weak spots are, so where you are supposed to work harder. You are even given advice on what kind of exercises to do in order to fix the problem. The offer is quite extraordinary: you have access to 221 practice lessons and 103 custom lessons. Not to mention the 14 games, belonging to the arcade type, that are really funny and make you enjoy your typing practicing. You even have the possibility to download this software to a portable device like a palm and practice typing while you are sitting in the subway for example.

I like one feature very much: you can import your own MP3 files that will then be dictated to you in order for you to type them. Or you can bring your favourite music to make you relax during practicing exercises.

I don't know much about computers, especially about software, but I do know how to use one. I am also a novice regarding software installation and things like that. That is why I simply loved the fact that You can download, set up and then use this free Mavis Beacon typing software very easily. You are guided like somebody was holding your hand and told you exactly what to do. It is amazing that such a big offer of opportunities for learning that you can choose from is still so well organized so as to be able to use it in an almost childish manner, without any trouble at all.

In conclusion, this is great software and I strongly recommend it if you want to improve your typing skills.

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  • On 03/12/2010 at 11:31 pm amena said:

    askm brother! it was interesting to read your article. u really grabbed your readers concentration. and as far as the typing matter is concerned it always aroused an interest in me for typing whenever i saw my father typing really fast without looking at the keyboard. well ill be very thankful to my allah, you and this software if im able to achieve what i want to. Thank you and jazakallah! take care and keep uploading such useful and interesting articles. id love to read it.

  • On 04/20/2010 at 4:32 pm fvrgb said:


  • On 06/06/2010 at 4:13 pm sylvia said:

    i would like you to teach me how to type.thank you.

  • On 12/15/2010 at 3:14 pm Rhonda Capell said:

    I purchased Mavis Beacon version 11 a few years ago and would like to know if there is a free upgrade to latest version without having to purchase it? Please reply to

  • On 01/02/2011 at 11:14 am fa said:


  • On 03/17/2011 at 12:53 pm mavis beacon said:


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