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From very ancient times, in fact for as long as the human being observed the environment and the changing of seasons and the difference between day and night, they have noticed the cyclical character  of time: the day comes after the night and seasons come back after a certain period of time. They realized that time was passing by and wanted some ways to measure it. Little by little they invented the stick clock that used the shadow made by a stick in the sun, then the hourglass and... finally nowadays the atomic clock, which is very precise and gives an error of only one second in a hundred years. The next step in time measuring was to invent the calendar. nobody knows who made this marvelous invention, but we use it a lot now: we organize our lives according to calendars, go to work or stay home according to calendars and even remember to congratulate the friends and family because the calendar reminds us of this celebration. So we all use the calendar everyday, both in digital format on our computer and in a normal printed format, hanged on the kitchen wall. It is indispensable. You have to write down in your calendar all important dates: birthdays of friends and family, important celebrations, national or religious holidays.

But because we live in a crazy world and we are so busy, we sometimes forget some of them and the result is not very pleasant (imagine that you forget the date of your wedding anniversary: your spouse will not be very thrilled about it, right?). If you are one of the people I mentioned or just like to be organized and have a nice calendar available around, maybe you should try getting a calendar software. It is a good choice and it is even better when you can get a free calendar software.


There are two possibilities to getting a calendar: you either choose the desktop calendar that appears on the screen of your computer every day , reminding you what you have to do, your appointments or celebrations of the day or you may want to edit a calendar in order to print it and send it as a personalized gift or just hang it on your wall or put it on your office desk. There are available free calendar software for both options.

Some people may ask why bother designing your own calendar and then print it, when it is much easier to buy a nice shiny coloured calendar from the shop? Well, this is all right for some people, but many still prefer personal things, things that have a personal touch. Not to mention the fact that you can have the important dates already marked on your calendar before you print it. Or you can use personal photos with the loved ones when you edit them, which makes a calendar of this kind much more valuable for you.

In any case the internet is your best friend, as it can help you find anything you want.


For example if you access you will find a lot of helpful calendar software you can download for free or for a certain fee. Another source is where you can find a lot of pages of such software in shareware , that is you can use either a free trial for a limited period of time or a limited version of the whole software, with all its features installed. also seems to be a valuable source of free calendar software, offering over 50 pages of free or paid calendar software. I will give you too more examples: and

I even found some web sites that offer all kinds of free calendars and templates, give you the possibility to use their online software if you create a free account. After your account is done you have full access to free calendar software. You can't download it, but use it online, with many possible calendar templates to choose from.


If you are one of those people who like doing things by yourself and enjoy having customized and personalized things, then it's time for me to give you some ideas of calendar projects you can do at home:

- grandparents calendar - that can help grandparents and not only keep trace of their family members birthdays and celebrations

- maternity calendar -a calendar of your pregnancy (or you could make a special calendar for your pregnant sister or friend) containing 40 weeks with details of the fetus development in every week and the approximated date of birth for the baby.

- multilanguage calendar - having the possibility to choose from many languages and insert the special holidays of your country

- religious calendar - with all the religious holidays of your religion marked

- school /kid calendar - helps you keep track of your children's school schedule and extra-curricular activities

It does not matter what kind of calendar software you choose as they are all very good and you have a huge possibility of choice. The important thing is to try to find the best software for you, for your needs and purposes.

First you should try to find a software that is easy to learn and install. You must have the possibility to edit photos and add special events to your calendar in a simple manner, without much trouble and stress. I recommend you to look for a rich feature set to choose from. Your creativity must be helped by a lot of features and options, so that you can play until you find something that really please you. The best calendar software offers a large choice of templates, fonts, images and a photo editor.


Even it is the first time when you use such a software, it should be easy to use, so that it can allow you to edit the calendar and do all the necessary notes and changes in an easy manner, with no trouble.

It is also advisable to find a software that does not need additional download and other special installation requirements. It would be even better if you found someone who already used that particular software and assures you it is good and runs without errors.

Then it is always nice to have someone to ask when you are stuck in a problem, so the Help topic is also important. The software should provide accessible support and eventually online, email or phone specialized help.

All I can tell you now is enjoy your work and never miss any special events in your family!

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