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People have always liked to make the place where they were living look nice, because this makes our existence more pleasant and we love to come home. Since ancient times rich people hired gardeners to take care of the castle garden and to make it beautiful. Of course this was reserved to upper classes, because poor people did not have large gardens or the means to embellish them. This was the ancestor of landscaping. English gardens in the eighteenth century were famous for their beautiful plant and tree arrangement, the nice combination of lanes and hedges. In time this turned into mere science. Nowadays people go to school and university to study landscaping design and architecture and they have diplomas that allow them to be called professional landscaping designers.

I think everybody would like to have a perfect garden in front of a perfect house. But this is only possible in such countries like USA, where all cities and towns are made of houses with lawns and gardens. In the east European countries that belonged to the communist block the architecture of the cities simply does not allow it: people live in tall blocks of flats and they are separated by small pieces of land covered with grass.But even here there has been a tendency of borrowing the western ideas and habits and people started moving to the countryside where they can have a house with a garden and can enjoy working in it or getting a professional to make it nice.

Some people just like to do everything by themselves. That is why when they buy a house they begin transforming it according to their taste and, of course, their imagination. If do draw something on paper with your ideas of changing your garden, that's called landscape design. But not all the people have a vivid imagination or what they call it "green fingers". But they still want to organize the garden and the lawn alone, without professional help. Not to mention the fact that landscape designers and architects are very expensive. You all know that there is a real "fashion" in garden landscaping lately, that is the Zen gardens. They are very beautiful and peaceful, not to mention fashionable, but they cost a lot.

That's where landscape design software comes to help you. Software engineers saw an opportunity in designing software for people who want to learn the basics of landscape design and transformed their ideas in some nice software applications that everybody can use.

This kind of software allows you to choose all the elements you want to place in your garden, then you get to choose the colour, the texture, the shape and lines, everything virtually. You can make the necessary changes without ruining the garden and starting work all over again. That's because you do all these things on your computer. You can picture your dream garden before you even start working on it. You have everything you can possibly need there, even assistance and advice and, to many people's delight, some of this software is for free on the internet. When all the planning is done, you can choose materials and plants, trees, bushes and hedges from the internet, too, with the help of specialized on-line services of delivery and e-shops. Is't it just great?


But, as you can see in this picture, you can apply this kind of software not only to your garden, but to your house, too. You can arrange the furniture in different ways even before you buy it, Actually I think you'd better make the design first and then order your furniture according to the ambiance you want to create, for example you can make a blue room, where all the things inside are colored in blue. You can see what shape and size  furniture fits your house best and make your dream come true.

The software has different levels of complexity , depending on the size of the garden or home, depending on the sum of money you want to invest and how much material you are willing to buy in order to get the best results.

It's very important to be realistic and choose the design that fits your plans best. For example BBC offers a free landscape design software called Virtual Garden Designer and it can help you visualize your garden after you have done all the changes in it. This software only teaches you the basics, so don't expect very sophisticated design and features. Still it's useful and FREE.


Another tip is to compare the results of what you want to obtain, using different software. BHG Plan a Garden Landscape software offers different versions, but the easiest one is for free. The best thing about this software is that you can "drag and drop" things and move them around until you are satisfied with the result. This makes your job a lot easier.

If you want a 3D image of your dream garden or home you can use Google Sketch-up that has an impressive 3D modeling for free. Of course it has limited features, like all free stuff, but it's important to visualize your ideas, especially in 3D format.

Smart Draw Landscape Design Software offers you for free some ideas about landscaping.


I found something quite different from the other software in this field: Free Landscape Design by Show Off. What's different about it is the fact that you must be online when you use it. You can send a picture of your garden or yard and it will be adapted to the individual features that you choose and then you can see visualize your design.


But the final result will depend on how good the designer is because the software does what you tell it to do, not what you want in fact. So do your best and plan beforehand (on paper, using a basic or sophisticated software) and that can help you avoid some costly mistakes that you wouldn't realize otherwise.It doesn't matter what kind of software you choose, it's a lot better than starting digging and having no idea what will be the final result.

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