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Microsoft PowerPoint software is in fact a software program used for presentations. It is integrated in Microsoft Office package that runs on Windows and Mac OX operating systems. This kind of software is designed for people belonging to a certain social layer or a particular job: businessmen and teachers, students and trainers and all categories of people who work with presentation sessions and persuasive technique. It is used to show a presentation of a product, idea, process or any other innovative or new thing to people who don't know much about it.

The first version of PowerPoint appeared in August 1984 and was produces by an independent company in Sunnyvale, California. Its name was "Presenter" and was first designed for the Macintosh computer. In the beginning years they had some legal problems concerning the name of the software, so they decided to change it into "PowerPoint". That same year this small company was bought by Microsoft and they continued to develop the software and starting with 2003 they included this software in the package of Microsoft office for Windows and Mac.


A PowerPoint presentation is made up of a number of individual pages or "slides" as everybody calls them. The term "slide" came from the slide of the old photo slide projector that is no longer used, but that was a source of inspiration in its golden years and also considered to be somehow the ancestor of PowerPoint software. These slides usually contain text, graphics, films and others. PowerPoint software application helps you put all the pieces of the presentation together and offers you a lot of templates to choose from in order to give a personal touch to the presentation, one of the most chosen templates assistant being called "Slide Master".

You can print your presentation and file it, then give it to the audience, display it on a computer or change slides as the presentation and meeting advance with discussions. Usually if there are too many people in front of whom you want to make the presentation, it is a good idea to choose a video projector for showing the slides, as the screen of a computer is just too small to allow a good visual experience for all the people present. And , after all, this is the main purpose of the presentation.

Custom Animations are the features that you choose and customize for the entrance, underline and exit of lines or elements on the slides. For example they can appear on the screen waving or coming from bottom to the top. The transition between the slides can be normal or animated, as you see fit. The custom animation can also be used to create small story boards.
This kind of presentation is appreciated by everybody as a time saver. We all like the slide show from PowerPoint, instead of viewing video presentations or other static methods like chalk board, white board or personal printed files. It allows an interactive presentation, as you decide when to change the slide or if it is an appropriate time to stop and discuss one of the slides. The presentation in itself seems more attractive since they used animation and avoids the dull boring presentation made in the past. The benefit of PowerPoint is agreed on by most people. It has become an useful tool for modern teaching lessons as it attracts students and arouse their interest in the subject presented on the slides. It is good for introductory lectures, but also for reviews, especially for small children. It is obvious that this method is far more attractive and more efficient than the old-fashioned ones.


Microsoft saw the huge potential offered by PowerPoint and decided to take advantage of it. Microsoft included this software in Microsoft Office, so that users could find it and consider it an indispensable tool. However, Microsoft Office does not cover all the computers in the world, as there are also other Operating systems besides Windows. So they decided to release a version of this software that allows computers using other operating systems only to view the files made in PowerPoint. This is called PowerPoint Viewer. You can find it for download from the Microsoft Office Online Web site. So this software allows you to see the PowerPoint presentation on your computer, but you are not allowed to make any changes or make your own presentation in PowerPoint. If you want to do this you must purchase the whole package.
Well, if you want to have a free trial for a period of 60 days, you can download it here. ( If you are looking for PowerPoint software for free, enter here ( and you will find here many versions of this software, PPT Viewer, Helper, 2003 and 2007 versions , Recovery and others. If you are a beginner and do not know much about PowerPoint presentations and all, you can consult a user's guide in PDF format here (

If you do not have a whole comprehensive version, but only the free trial, you can still find a lot of useful PowerPoint templates to help you make a nice and attractive presentation.


The new versions of this software comes with improved more attractive features, many graphic and photo editing tools. You can create flow charts, pyramids and other diagrams to illustrate the presentation. The latest version also brings new graphical styles, dynamic galleries, animation and live preview.
In conclusion PowerPoint software is a very useful tool for all the people, either professionals or simply used for home purposes such as photo editing and presentation as slide show. The name of this software is now well known all over the world and has managed to enter the vocabulary of all computer and internet users.

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