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We all love to go to the restaurant. And every time we go someone hands us a menu so that we can decide what to order. I admit that if a restaurant has very nice -looking menus it makes a good impression on me and I think about coming again. Of course my decision also depends on the quality of the service and the food. But the first step is made ever since I open a restaurant menu. As a chef or restaurant manager you should take care of the appearance and design of your menu. You may be careful about it and go to a professional in order to get the best menu money can buy. But then, after a few weeks, you decide to change something in the menu, either because of the customers' request or because you have a special offer. When this happens you just don't know what to do: you need the new menu changes as soon as possible but who can help you? If you add a piece of paper with the new entry in the menu it will affect the whole aesthetic aspect of the menu. If you hire a professional to do that, it will cost you a lot just for a few changes and besides, they will only deliver you after a week or so.

Fortunately there is a handy solution for you and people like you: free restaurant menu software. You can find it on the internet, either ready to be downloaded on your computer or in an online version. You can choose from a lot of different models: the menu may be in one piece, that is one sheet of paper written on one side or on both sides, a menu that opens like a book and that is written only on the inside on the two pages or a menu that can be folded in three, written on all sides.

You can then choose the pattern, the background, the pictures you want to insert and the templates used for writing the menu courses and the prices. There are some software systems that offer pre-definite templates that you can use to write the menu.

Pictures are also very important to a credible menu. They have a very powerful impact over the reader who is, at the same time, a customer, too. So if you don't have your own pictures of food, find some pictures that are compatible with the food presented there and which are very appealing.

For example freeserifsoftware (you can find it at the same web page) offers many professionally designed folded restaurant menus. Starting from these ideas you can create your own restaurant menu either using our templates or starting from the very beginning with nothing and searching the internet for other templates after that. FreePagePlus offers templates you can choose from. You can also choose from a number a pre-designed layouts and format designs. You can use this software in 3 easy steps in order to obtain the result you want:first download the software with all the templates and designs included, then install, customize your own personal model and then finally print. After printing you may fold or laminate the menus in order to make them more resistant.


AllWebMenus Pro - Java Script Menu maker helps you design attractive menus with minimum effort n a digital form that you will use for advertising on your web site. The interface is clear and helpful and the software allows you to see a preview of the menu you are editing. It allows you to browse through a number of options and choose the best one for you. The items in a menu are organized under a tree form and the software comes with a big manual where you are explained what to do step by step. Finally the program links the menu to your web page. offers you a large variety of free restaurant menu software: Visual Menu Maker, Pure CSS, Free Pop up maker, J.S. Menu maker,etc.


Of course the final result will depend on the talent and vision of the one who used the software. But all these kinds of software are made so well, that you get all the help possible and it's almost impossible to make an ugly restaurant menu. Even so, if you are completely not talented and unable to match colours, you can simply choose from a lot of really beautiful variants, that you simply can't make a mistake. All you have to do is follow the steps recommended by the software and choose the right colour, pictures, templates and positioning for you.


I saw some samples of this software and I'm not a professional, but they impressed me. And the most important thing about restaurant menus is to impress you at first sight. Once they do that, the rest is only a simple thing.

In the end what can I say? Bon appetit!

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