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Wi-Fi is an advanced technology that allows wireless internet access to such devices like personal computers, video consoles, mobile phones, MP3 players or PDAs, but only in the area of a wireless local area network that is connected to the internet. This area can be st up to cover different surfaces, from a few rooms to an area of a few square miles. The access area is covered with access points called hot spots, having each an area to cover. This technology is used mainly in homes and offices, but also as a way of providing wireless internet access (either for free or for a certain sum of money) in places like airport restaurants, libraries, internet cafes, hotels, in order to attract customers and offer them the requested services. Many student campuses have also started using Wi-Fi network to provide free internet access to students living there.

Many people have their own Wi-Fi network at home, but not all of them know how to take full advantage of it.If you have this kind of technology available on one of the above mentioned devices, than you have a great opportunity of installing some free software that you downloaded from the internet and this way improve the use of these devices and add a lot of useful and funny applications. And in order for everything to be perfect, all this software is for FREE.

The first thing to do when you have WI-FI technology and want to access a hot spot is to make sure you protect your laptop, computer or PDA you use against any threats that could harm them when accessing the internet in these places. So you should better have an anti virus software or make a Secure Connection With LucidLink that you cal also find for free on the internet. It is an excellent free software application that detects the security settings of the network you want to connect to to and also teaches you how to configure your wi-fi settings properly in order to connect to the network. It warns you if the network presents a security risk and what to do to avoid this.


After this is done you can download  many useful software applications. Let me give give you a helping hand:, and are all very useful web pages where you can find free WiFi software downloads.

- AirGrab password 1.6.1. - is a very useful tool that generates passwords for you and they are very difficult to crack or guess because it has a random option of lower cases and upper cases, numbers and other symbols. It is compatible with mac.

- Streamyx Combo Wifi 1 - It offers an impressive collections of beautiful photos of marvelous landscapes that you can use as wallpaper for your desktop. Why not admire something beatiful as long as it's free of charge?It is Windows compatible.

- AirGrab Wifi Radar 1.3.4. - displays the network of Apple wireless base stations where you can access hot spots.

- dhotspot Screen Saver 1.0. - It is available for free on, too, and it displays the message" WiFi zone" on the screen. It is very useful and recommended for internet cafes, airports, restaurants and all the other points of interest for the clients who want wireless internet access. Windows compatible.


- dHotSpot version 1 -

- Daihinia WiFi relay r1003 -

- EDL Cybercafe 1.1 - is a valuable tool for internet cafe owners, being able to manage up to 100.000 unique users. It is very useful when you have an internet cafe, but you lack the time and patience to explain the employees how things work. Windows compatible Zonerider WiFiHotspot gateway, iPIG WiFi Hotspot VPN Security, Wifi radio, Intel PRO/wireless and WiFi link driver, AirGrab Wifi radar, ShowWifiKeys, WifiMeter, Bywifi video downloader, Hotspot finder. iPIG Secure Access VPN server 1.00, Mycafecup 2.223, R-firewall 1.0, Galaxy online 1.0.027, I of the enemy: Ril'Cerat 2.25 (free sci-fi real-time strategy game),  Deep Space voices add-on for MorphVOX 1.0, Sci-fi sounds, Morph VOX add-on 1.0, svdts 1.0 (add recorded date/rime stamp), Mortgage manager reduction 2000 1.3, Submit-o-Matic 7.1, Winamp 5.01.

free-wifi-software-downloads3 offers five pages of free wifi software downloads - the most complex and complete web site I have found so far on this topic.

I will present only Easy wifi radar - a software application that allows you find open wireless access points and connect to them easily, with one click only. It is designed in the form of a nice-looking radar screen with red dots on it: they are the identified open wireless access points that you were looking for. It is a very useful tool for businessmen who are always on the go and for fervent travellers who do not want to leave their Wifi device at home. Of course, only the demo version is available for free; if you want the whole featured package you have to pay for this.

Anyway this kind of Wifi devices is very useful for people who are forced to travel all the time and need wireless internet access. However, it can also be used at home or at your office without any problem. In fact it is just another field of technology that has developed a lot lately and makes me wonder sometimes what could possibly more be invented in the future.

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  • On 09/27/2010 at 4:08 pm yayux said:

    i am looking for sofware to free access internet for my wifi or my simcard. can i find it free too? very thx 4 anybody helps me.

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    hi i like this soft

  • On 12/19/2010 at 11:01 am meraj said:

    hi i like this software because it connect so easy to access point

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