Freeware Computer Software Cooling Fan Controller

Almost one year ago, we were talking about SensorsView Pro 3.1, a pretty capable computer software for controlling the fans of your computer, only that its price was its only weak point I could find back then, apart from a few minor glitches. In the meantime, a new version of this software has been released, while the price remained the same, but I won't get into SensorsView Pro once again. After all, there could be more than a paid program to control your fans, right? Well, let's see...

...what about that nice fan controller in the image above? While I must admit one could come in pretty handy, I think we should skip it, obviously because it's harder to install than a software application, and it doesn't come for free, either. Anyway, we have a lot of answers to that "freeware computer software cooling fan controller" question, and I must admit I asked myself this question for a pretty long time in the past, but now I have some answers, which I will share with you.

If you own an older computer, then my first suggestion is Motherboard Monitor.
Despite the fact its development has been stopped a few years ago, it is still a very good program for its purpose, and the only potential problem you may face because of its age is the lack of support for newer motherboards. Obviously, we're talking about a free program, and you can still download it from most major download sites, like Softonic or Major Geeks, since the former official page is now hosting a parked domain page...

SpeedFan is, currently, my favorite freeware computer software cooling fan controller, and I also think it's the best free Windows program in its category. To make a longer story short, here's what I like - very good hardware support, although not perfect, voltage and SMART monitoring capabilities, ease of use and a very low profile, of course.

If you are using a Windows computer, most chances are you'll find a software able to control fan speeds on one of the CDs that come with your motherboard, since all major manufacturers have such a program ready, but I must confess I don't like them. Anyway, just for your knowledge, be sure to remember that Gigabyte, MSI, AOpen, ASUS and Universal abit (formerly ABIT) motherboards come with such programs.

Since I didn't say "freeware computer software cooling fan controller for Windows," I will conclude today's article by telling you about such a program for Apple's Macs, called smcFanControl.

smcFanControl is a mature application, its current version being 2.1. The good part is that this program is also able to monitor system temperatures, so everything is just fine, especially since you won't be able to set anything wrong and damage your hardware, because minimum fan speed can't be set to a rate below Apple's defaults.

I hope today's guide will help you keep your computers cooler in these hot days, and from now you'll be able to guide your friends looking for a freeware computer software cooling fan controller. Good luck and...stay cool!

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