IP Spoofing Software

IP spoofing software is designed and used by people who purposely try to break the law in order to get material gains or willingly undermine someone's image. IP is short for internet protocol and is in fact a number that is allocated to your computer as a web user and it can be identified every time you browse the internet, so it is rather like a trace that you leave behind on the internet and computer professionals can find out exactly where you were and what web sites you visited and everything you did on the internet.

If that's OK with me, as I don't have anything to hide, some people want to change their identity on the internet in order not to be recognized and be granted access to certain web sites and internet browsers. Of course who does this has sometthing to hide and usually this something is not pretty at all. So they thought of a solution: to "borrow" somebody else's identity on the internet, that is his or her IP and use it as his own in order to make some illegal moves that could be severeley punished if his real identity could be found out.

Of course they use different illegal methods to change their identity, that is disguised under someone else's IP and access a certain web page they have been hunting for a long time. Well, what IP spoofing software does is to pretend to be the actual owner of that software and in fact redirect the person who wants to access a certain web page to another one created by them. Now there are two possibilities after you have been redirected by this tricky software: you either get to a "dirty" web site containing porn or dirty words or I don't know what else that could undermine the name of the web site owner or, even worse, it redirects you to an almost exact replica of the original web site, with the big difference that now he has control over whatever you type and do there, on the replica site.

Some of the guys who use IP spoofing software do this in order to have their revenge on the company that fired them and redirect all its customers to a web site that contains crap about the respective company. They make sure the stupid things they write there are crazy enough to draw attention and get to the newspapers and this way they consider their revenge is done.

Others disguise their real IP because they have been denied access to a certain web site because of security issues or because they did something the web administrator did not allow -multiple accounts, dirty language when talking to the other forum users , cheating in competitions and so on. These are all reasons to be banned access to a certain web site . But if they really want to go there, they steal someone else's IP or invent some bogus IP under which they disguise and try to have access to the wanted web site again. This could work until the next time he does something stupid and will be banned again.

And the last case, and the worst one at the same time, is the internet user who only wants the IP spoofing software because he wants to do some bad things and gain material advantages from tricking people. Let's see what happens. This person uses IP spoofing software to get another IP and in this way he succeeds in tricking people that a fake web site is actually the original one. How does he do that? Well, they clone the web site belonging to a bank usually, one that has internet access for the clients to manage their money .

When the clients want to access their accounts online, they are actually redirected to another web site, usually a replica of the original one. When they enter the identification codes (user name and password), this data is sent to the perpetrator and in this way he has direct access to the poor victim's funds. This is definitely a breaking of the law and also a serious crime. But what about the victim's security?

These spoofed web sites are very difficult to identify and usually it is even harder to prove who did what as the IPs differ . Well, the best thing for all internet users is to have a really powerful anti-spam software installed and to stay alert. In case you see something that is not right, a small misspelling, a different color of the usual web site or any tiny difference, do not hesitate to leave the internet browser immediately and contact the web site owner in order to make things clear. After all, it is better safe than sorry.

I am not going to search the internet for you and offer you IP spoofing software, as this kind of software is illegal . Do it at your own risk and expense if you want to. I just want to warn you that this is a serious matter and it breaks the law if used with a bad purpose in mind. Just be careful if you find such software offered for free download, as you might get "spoofed" yourself or get infected with all kinds of computer viruses and Trojans.

You can find some useful software that can protect you against this kind of fraud attempts and also from phishing if you visit www.downloadmanager.org. A network can be protected against IP spoofing if it uses Ingress filtering , that uses pakets to filter the inbound traffic. In this case the system will be able to find out if the packets come from inside the network or from outside it. Any way there are some other similar software programs that allow you to hide your IP and some people might use it for fun, but the bottom line is this is not OK, as it can be used in a very harmful way for other people.

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3 Comments on IP Spoofing Software

  • On 04/09/2010 at 9:48 am sdf said:

    wow you are dumb as a piece of shit...hiding your ip is illegal omg...we must fuck the law like its our grandmother and its her fucking birthday. motherfucker retard go suck off your nephew you piece of shit.

  • On 11/28/2010 at 6:20 am jle said:

    That is not true sdf, IP Spoofing is perfectly legal in every state of the U.S. It is only illegal in china, and even if it wasn't, maybe he was doing it while making this post, and if he was, how could any one find him? Just because people don't do things your way doesn't make them stupid. You really should be banned from this website you inconsiderate fool.

  • On 01/04/2011 at 4:41 pm hardik said:

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    i give high fees for that

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