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In the past photographers were rare professionals and had to be very skilled in order to be able to get nice photos all the time, without using all the gestures that are available today and give you the opportunity to operate a lot of changes on the original image. Photos were treasured as very valuable memories and most of them turned into portraits hung on the walls. Because for this the original photo had to be enlarged, some of the photographers made some adjustments with the help of a black pencil, drawing some eye lashes and contour of the nose or some shadow around the eyes. This is laughable now, but those were the times then. Now, since the digital camera began being used on a large scale everybody can make their own photos and even edit them or crop the, resize them or even use some photo montage software for more sophisticated effects.

You can use this software to crop, cut, resize and do all the changes that you regularly do with a normal photo editing software. But photo montage software offers you some more: you can now accomplish more interesting projects like making a kind of collage of your child, as you can see in the picture above, where you take more photos and paste and adjust them together to create the impression they are a single image. This is very interesting and looks very well at the same time. You can make a poster or a big framed photo of your kid showing him or her in different positions and moods but one and the same in the end.

The most remarkable feature of the photo montage software is, no doubt , the possibility to actually get a "photo montage". Let me describe this in a few words for the ones who are not familiar with this. Some crazy or maybe genial photographer whose name I don't know had the brilliant idea to make one huge photo he displayed in an art gallery and that showed a beautiful woman. In fact this huge photo was a big collage of thousands of photos that were cropped and put together with a lot of meticulousness and skill, chosen very carefully to have exactly the needed shade and shape that would fit the big background.

That's exactly what this software does now automatically in a matter of minutes, instead of letting you work hard for two months. All you have to do is purchase the software, install it on your computer and choose the picture that you want to edit. By the way, all these photo montage software are very easy to install and they usually provide you with a wide collection of photos, in case you do not have as many as you should for finishing your project. The result will be a new version of the image you selected, but this time made up of little bits of hundreds of other photos that will confer a mosaic aspect .

Here is a list with some very popular photo montage software that you can find on the internet: some photo mosaic softwares, ArcSoft PhotoMontage 2000, Image Elements PhotoMontage (free download), other examples of photo montage software, IE PhotoMontage 1.9.

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