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People have always liked singing , so they always liked listening to music, too, as not all of them couls sing properly. Not all people have talent in singing, so that is why we listen to the ones who really are talented and enjoy their passion for music. First, there was the opera. Only the rich people had access to good quality music , the others had to be satisfied with the songs of the singers who sang in pubs and restaurants. Then, after the phonograph was invented, people gathered at someone's home just to listen to some records of music and enjoyed their experience and they danced together. Now technology has evolved a lot and you can listen to your favourite artists singing even if you are going on your way to school, work or shopping. How is it possible? Well, it is all possible due to a portable device that can play music. First it could play cassettes with recorded music, now MP3 or MP4 format music. It is amazing that you can put the earphones in your ears, the MP3 player in your pocket and just keep walking to whatever destination you have. You save time and at the same time enjoy your trip to different destinations around town without being bored of the long way there.

In fact the concept of Walkman itself belongs to Sony. It was invented by a Japanese engineer working for Sony, after his boss asked him to make a portable device that he could use to listen to his favourite opera tunes during his long frequent transatlantic flights. That happened in 1978 and little by little the Walkman entered the house of more and more people around the world.

The latest news about Sony walkman MP3 player is that these devices will have Windows media software from Microsoft incorporated, in order to allow the users to download tunes that are protected by the law of copyright from the many online music stores that are compatible with Windows media, including Napster, and Wal- Mart. The new Sony Walkman mp3 player will be distributed together with Windows Media Player 11. Apparently this information was revealed within an exhibition in Berlin and it seems to be an important change in the future of Sony portable device. The new players will support video files MP4 and audio MP3 and also images in JPEG format. The devices will have different memory (2GB, 4 and 8 GB) and the prices will vary according to it from 120 to 210$.

If you are using a Sony Walkman MP3 player now, you know you do not need any additional software. This device is purchased together with the MP3 player software already installed. You just connect to the internet specialized stores and get what MP3 tunes you want and then download them on your Walkman and after that simply press Play. You will hear the music immediately, with no extra trouble and fuss.

Sony Connect ( SonicStage 4.3) is the software that can be downloaded for free here and allows you to connect to online music stores and download the music you like, of course considering the laws of the copy right and paying for it in advance. Connect Music Store that you access after downloading this software is one of the largest collections of music tunes turned in MP3 format or even MP4 format. After downloading just the music you like or find in the tops around the world, you can do whatever you want to it: burn it on some CD or DVD, listen to it on the spot in a CD player or MP3 player or tansfer it to a portable device like this Sony Walkman. This software supports audio files in the form of .omg and .oma file extension and MP3 files .mp3 and .wav extensions.Once you have downloaded music from this online store, you can do whatever you like with it, as long it is for personal use. For example you can change its format and turn it into files to be burnt on an audio CD and so on.

If you purchased a Sony Walkman and want to have the latest drivers on the market, you can access them on the official web site of Sony, where you will find the latest versions of the drivers you need.  There you can choose the model you own and according to it download the appropriate drivers.

SonicStage® Music Management Software that is already installed on your Sony Walkman MP3 player allow users to manage their music in whatever way they want to. They can burn CDs with the music stocked in the memory of the Walkman, create plylists, import digital music files and transfer the music downloaded from the internet on the Walkman in order to listen to it when you take a walk in the park. This software helps you get the mp3 files that you want from music libraries. But there are some customers, however, who already own an impressive library of music tunes. In this case the software will allow them to include it in the wide memory of the Walkman, organize it and listen to it every time they want to. You can also use your old audio files and turn them into mp3 files and after that include them in a playlist and listen to them.

Any way, the software is user friendly, as you don't have to do anything, but use it. You don't need additional knowledge and skills, and if you have any doubts or misunderstandings, you can always colsult the guidebooks included in the package together with your walkman or enter the official web site of Sony and you will find there the online support that you need. Sony Walkman is the living proof that Sony has come back in an excellent shape and has improved a lot since it almost lost a battle with Mac iPod. But quality matters and the name itself " Sony" is synonimous with very good quality.

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