Windows XP Forever!

Did you take the time to sign the petition to save XP yet? If you haven't, don't bother anymore. Windows XP is dead. Well, not yet, but Microsoft wants to kill it as scheduled, on the 30th of June. Fortunately, it seems that this widely used operating system is going to prove us there's life after least in the IT world! How's that possible? Well, let's see how can you get Windows XP after the 30th of June, shall we?

Windows XP

First of all, you will be able to buy Windows XP installed on certain mainstream PCs at least until the end of January, 2009. Even more, some ULPCS, like the Eee PC, for example, will sell with XP until June 2010!

When it comes to tech support, it seems that "some forms of support" will continue to be provided by Microsoft until 2014!

The funny part is that, after June 30, 2008, obtaining support for XP will be easier than trying to buy it. How's that? Well, for starters, Microsoft offers Windows XP "mainstream support" until the 14th of April, 2009. After that, and until to the distant 2014, the 8th of April, to be more specific, security patches will continue to arrive from time to time, but public bug fixes won't be available for Windows XP anymore.

In the end, we may live to see Windows XP having a longer life than Vista, if things continue to go the way they're headed now. Anyway, best thing to do is buy a licensed copy of Windows XP as soon as possible, and keep it safe. These may become very precious items, after a while...

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2 Comments on Windows XP Forever!

  • On 03/30/2010 at 6:38 pm Joshua Lassette said:

    I'll do whatever it takes. Microsoft will listen to us if we get the manpower into it. We will keep XP if we convince them. I'm NOT giving into crappy 7 or Vista.

  • On 12/22/2010 at 2:27 pm Blake Balthazar said:

    Many of us where wise enough to not get Vista, and wait for 7.
    And as it is now, it's still not worth it for me to go with 7 yet, if ever.
    Reason being, there is a huge surplus of great XP machines people are selling now for dirt cheap.
    I just bought 2 used XP PCs - a custom gaming desktop box for $200 (2.8GHz core duo, 2gb RAM, GeForce 9500), and a dell laptop for $80 with a newer battery (2.6GHz, 1gb RAM). They both work great!
    I was still able to sell my old laptop and desktop for $200, so my upgrade cost me just $80. I loaded Jolicloud Linux with XP on the laptop, it worked! Jolicloud installed just like a program in XP to give me dual boot, too easy.
    When XP updates end (2014?) I expect to be on a Linux solution for all my web stuff (dual boot XP & Linux), and for gaming I'm sure I will be able to buy a used Xbox 360 for $100 by then. In the end, I have tons of XP programs that I like and plan to use them as long as the power stays on.

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