4 Factors That Will Influence What Sort of Waste Management Truck Seattle is Used

The decision to seek professional help with cleaning out a property is a good one. In order to ensure that things go smoothly, the service will determine how many personnel to assign to the task. They will also determine what kind of waste management truck Seattle is needed. Here are some of the factors that will be considered before selecting the best truck for the job.

Capacity is a Major Concern

When assessing the particulars of a clean out, a professional will consider the type of junk that needs to be removed from the property. The volume of junk is also key to the process. Simply put, the goal is to assign a truck or set of trucks that can haul away more junk per load.

When you’re talking about cleaning out a cottage that has a few stray pieces of broken furniture in each room, a smaller truck will likely to fine. When the job calls for cleaning out a five-story office building that has broken furniture and appliances in every suite, the trucks will likely be larger. You’ll know more about what will be used after the site is evaluated.

The Amount of Space Available For The Truck

There’s also the matter of where to park the truck while the clean out is in progress. Ideally, it can be parked as close to the buildings as possible. This means thinking about how much space can be set aside for this purpose.

If there’s a driveway that makes it easy to park on the side of the home and relatively close to the doors, that’s ideal. When there’s only a small parking area to work with, it may be necessary to use smaller trucks for the job.

When a professional visits to take a look at the site, it will be possible to identify where the waste management truck Seattle can be positioned. Once that’s settled, assigning a truck that can easily fit into that area will be a simple process.

Special Features Needed For The Project

Depending on the bulk and the weight of the junk that needs to go, there may be certain special features that must be present. For example, the truck may need to be outfitted with a hydraulic system that makes it easy to position heavier objects and then lift them into the truck without relying on human strength. This is often the case when the job entails getting rid of industrial equipment or even the type of equipment found in venues like restaurants.

For home clean outs, special equipment may or may not be needed. Relatively light items that can be tossed into the truck bed by a couple of people would mean sticking with a truck without a lot of extra equipment.


Another point to keep in mind is which trucks are available to assign to the project. At any given time, the typical junk removal service will be working on projects for several clients. it could be that setting aside a larger truck for your project may not be possible. Rather than expect you to wait, two or more smaller trucks may be assigned.

The goal is to ensure that the clean out is done as soon as possible. For this reason, expect the service to assign trucks in a way that helps meet that goal.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about how the clean out will be handled. From information about the number of people assigned to the sort of trucks that will be used, you’ll find that service personnel are happy to provide answers.