Cupertino CA Air Conditioner Repairs and Replacements

The most common question that household owners tend to make is whether they should replace or repair their HVAC. It would generally help if you remembered that AC units tend to last up to 15 years, similarly to heat pumps and furnaces.

Remember that air conditioning requires regular maintenance for proper efficiency along the way. Therefore, you need to pay for regular repairs and tune-ups so that you can use them for years after purchase. However, you should stop thinking about maintenance and repair at some point in your HVAC’s life and think whether replacement is a better solution.

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Generally, an entire replacement can cause significant strains on your overall budget. Therefore, you should determine whether your old unit is repairable, or if that is not the case, you should start saving money for capital investment.

Replacing vs. Repairing 

  • Safety – The first thing you should consider is whether your current unit is safe enough to work correctly. For instance, if your AC unit is starting to present as a safety hazard due to excessive leaking, you should replace it because repair will be temporary and expensive. If you have faulty wiring or stuck valves, you can finish everything with a repair.
  • Lifespan – The age of your unit is another important consideration, especially if you have in mind that we have mentioned above that most of them can operate up to fifteen years. In the best-case scenario, you will get the date of installation on the unit or receipt from the past days. If that is not the case, you should determine the metal identification for model and serial numbers. That way, you can research online for the same unit you own to determine its lifespan. In case you have a unit, which is twenty or more years old, it is time to find the new one. The main reason for that is that new models are more efficient, reduce the energy expenses, and come with a warranty deal that will prevent future hefty repairs.
  • Efficiency – If your cooling system is not as effective as possible, you should find professional help you deal with the current issue. A common sign of an inefficient unit is that you cannot get the right temperature based on your programmed thermostat beforehand. Understand that the old systems cannot handle all households as before, so some rooms will be colder than others will.
  • R-22 Freon – According to the federal government, Freon is the worst thing that affects us’ environment. That is why its prices are increasing and will be more expensive in the future. In case your AC unit is using Freon’s, it is a perfect time to find the one that uses R410A refrigerant. Therefore, you should find a replacement, especially since the ones that are using Freon’s will continue to break down, which means that you will have to pay more for both repairs and maintenance. At the same time, new models tend to use chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant, which is not problematic for ozone. Therefore, you will get a unit that will provide you with much greater efficiency and cool down your household faster than the old one for a fraction of energy.
  • Frequency of Repairs – If your AC system is continuously breaking down and you are calling professionals for repair at least twice a year, it means that you should replace the unit. As soon as you check out the AC repair guide, you will learn more about whether you should replace or repair your current AC unit. You just have to calculate the amount you have spent on repairs and determine whether it works for you to continue with the process. Instead, you can replace the unit, which will help you prevent severe expenses in the future.