Interior Design Tips and Tricks to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

When we flip through interior design magazines, we’re usually presented with huge mansions that nobody aside from millionaires and celebrities can afford. The average person doesn’t have that much space to work with in their home. So, how can we go about optimising the size of our rooms to make them appear bigger than they actually are? Well, we’ve got some amazing interior design tips to help our readers achieve this. Find out what they are and make the very best of your living space.


The colour of your rooms can make a radical difference to the appearance of your home. People often make the mistake of choosing dark tones or bold patterns for their wallpaper, not realising how much smaller and dimmer this can make a room. Don’t select colours which mattify or absorb sunlight, and instead use shades which are light, natural or neutral. These are much better at reflecting sunlight, creating the illusion that your room is bigger and brighter than it really is. Colours like cream, white and duck egg blue are popular with interior designers for this very reason.


If it weren’t obvious already, light is an essential factor in making rooms appear larger than they are. As such, it’s worthwhile investing in some luxury lighting for your home. Ceiling lights can bring life to all corners of the room, casting away shadows which shrink down the space; meanwhile, standing lamps can be placed in awkward corners to bring illumination to recesses, and wall lights can make a room seem wider. What’s more, different forms of lighting are an excellent way to accessorise your home. After all, who doesn’t love an opulent standing lamp, or tasteful fairy lights draped across the mantle of a fireplace?


Once again, this trick involves using lighting to your advantage. Not only do mirrors scatter sunlight across the room, opening it up, but they also create an optical illusion of space that doesn’t exist. That’s why mirrored wardrobes are a popular choice in bedrooms. We recommend placing mirrors where they’ll be hit by natural light from the windows, plus hanging them on the walls where there’s some ‘dead’ space. You’ll be surprised how radically this simple trick will change the appearance of your home.


Finally, it’s important to focus on the layout of your rooms. This will help you make optimal use of the available space in your home. Avoid the temptation of shoving all your belongings into the corners, and instead consider how they might be better arranged. For example, could you create a library section in your living room by placing a shelving unit behind the sofas? What about placing the dining room table by the nook of the window? All you need is a little innovation to create the perfect arrangement which you originally thought impossible with the space available.

Now you’ve read our top tips and tricks for making rooms appear bigger than they are, how are you going to redecorate your household?


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