The Details about Nan Inc. Whistleblower Lawsuit

It is routine for a company to encounter legal issues during the course of operation. Lawsuits are often filed by employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders for one reason or the other, particularly where the construction industry is concerned. Nan Inc. is one of the most renowned names in the construction industry of Hawaii, with its head offices located in Honolulu. In construction years, the company cannot be considered that old because it was founded in 1990. Thus, it has only been around for a little over 30 years.

Nevertheless, Nan Inc. has risen up the popularity ladder and has reached the top position in the construction world and this is because of its founder, Patrick Shin. He immigrated to the US from South Korea and had to struggle significantly before he could launch his own construction company. Mr. Shin lived in a one-bedroom apartment with his family and worked in his brother’s fishing business before attending the Bowling Green State University in Ohio on a football scholarship.

After majoring in business administration, he worked for a construction firm for two years and then walked out to bring about Nan Inc. In the three decades it has been around, Nan Inc. has undertaken a number of massive projects, one of which was the rail project in the city of Hawaii. This was a multibillion dollar transit project and an attorney filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Nan Inc. for firing him.

In the Nan Inc. whistleblower lawsuit, he alleged that the construction behemoth was involved in illegal activities and he had instructed them to not do so. He had been fired from the company and this had prompted the lawsuit. Of course, the outcome of the case was not in his favor as the jury declared that he did not have any evidence to support his claim. This indicates that Nan Inc. had fired him legally and there was no wrongdoing involved.

This is certainly reassuring for Nan Inc.’s staff, which has grown from just one when the company first started to over 700 people in the last 30 year or so. The company has successfully completed multiple projects in the public as well as private sector and has managed to become a well-known name because of their best practices. The founder is also well-respected in Hawaii and is known as a generous philanthropist, along with being a capable businessman.