Types of House Moving Services in Manhattan

Whether a person finds a new home or relocates for the sake of a job, the task of packing and moving can be clumsy to handle alone. The effort of house moving usually depends upon the number of furniture and other movable items. Anyone living in Manhattan can look for Manhattan moving companies to ensure successful house moving.

The house moving companies offer a plethora of services that one should know before hiring them. One can either opt for a full-scale packing and moving service or specific services such as furniture moving, art moving, piano moving, last-minute moving, long-distance moving- to name a few. Once a person is aware of these various types of services, he or she can choose the most accurate service depending upon the budget and needs.

Types of House Moving Services:

  1. Residential Moving: Usually, residential moving services aim to provide all household and residential moving needs of a customer. On booking this service, the professionals arrive at the scheduled time and start packing the movable items. Then, they load the items in the vehicle and move them to the destination. Once they reach the new house, they unload the items and complete all the other essential tasks.
  2. Furniture Moving: One can opt for this service if the person thinks of hiring professionals only for shifting furniture. The service can include single to multiple furniture moving tasks. The process of the service is the same as residential moving. Furniture moving is comparatively cost-effective than residential moving services.
  3. Art/Piano Moving: Paintings and other fine art pieces require special attention while moving. One can opt for this service when the person chooses to hire professionals to handle precious art pieces. Also, many households have a grand piano that is difficult to shift. Only the professionals have the skills to move these items with perfection. Reputed art movers ensure the safety of art pieces or a piano throughout the process until they deliver these items to the destination. The cost of art or piano moving may depend upon the number of movables and the expertise of the professionals.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals:

One can shortlist the names of reputed manhattan moving companies by looking at the following advantages they ensure.

  1. Door to Door Shifting: Professional movers ensure that the customers relax while they initiate a door-to-door shifting from the location to the destination. If anyone is planning for a long-distance move, door-to-door service is a must.
  2. Best Quality Packing Material: Only the reputed house movers provide the best quality packing materials to ensure that the household items are safe and intact during moving.
  3. Appliance, Furniture, Piano Moving: Some house moving companies provide exclusive services such as appliance moving, furniture moving, and piano moving that one can opt for.
  4. Transit Insurance: For the protection and safety of movables, transit insurance is essential. Transit insurance also covers the loss of goods due to the sinking of the vessel. Only the best moving companies provide transit insurance to ensure successful house moving.
  5. Office Relocation: A professional house mover who also offers office moving services is supposed to provide better services than the rest of the companies. An office moving service with strict rules and regulations is more difficult and requires skillful professionals.
  6. Low Risk of Damage: The task of kitchen utensils, glass items, and other breakable items is not always easy. Only the best movers can ensure damage-free removal of such items.
  7. A Complete Solution: The requirements of each customer vary from the others. Hence, high acclaimed professional movers provide a wide array of services to satisfy all.


The process of searching for Manhattan moving companies can be easier when a customer checks online reviews and reads the contract carefully. One can find suitable movers based on the type of service the person requires. For instance, someone planning to shift only home appliances should hire appliances movers instead of hiring residential movers. While hiring professionals, one should ensure that the company provides a stress-free and reliable delivery by meeting the aspects mentioned above. The cost of the moving service depends upon various factors such as the type of service and the number of movable household items.