What Sets ChargePoint EVSE Apart From The Rest?

The decision to invest in an electric vehicle is a good one. Now you need a charging station that will help keep it ready to go whenever needed. Taking a look at what the ChargePoint EVSE has to offer makes a lot of sense. Whether at home or as a solution to keep a fleet of vehicles ready for use, this solution offers some important benefits. Here are a few to consider.

The Ability to Schedule Charges

The system design makes it easy to set up schedules for charging. This benefit makes it all the easier to ensure that any vehicles slated to be signed out for a particular day are fully charged by the determined departure time. Think of what that means in terms of ensuring that everyone can get on the way each morning without delays.

There are also ways to override those schedules. This comes in handy when you need to press another vehicle into service on short notice, and it could stand a little more charging. From this perspective, the flexibility allows you to be ready for just about every contingency.

Faster Charging When in Use

Another point to ponder is how quickly the charging stations work. With this particular option, you can depend on more charging in a shorter amount of time. This can be great not only for you, but also for any visitors who may spend some time at your home or your place of business.

Visitors who arrive in electric vehicles can connect to the stations, and leave them there while spending time with you. When they are ready to leave, there will be no doubt that they have enough power to get to the next destination.

Fail-Safes That Prevent Damage to the Battery

There should always be safety measures in place that prevent damage to the vehicle or the charger. There are a number of fail-safes built into the ChargePoint EVSE that accomplish both goals. This will go a long way toward ensuring that everything works right every time.

For example, the charging station will shut down the process once the vehicle reaches a full charge. This is good, since it places no additional stress on the vehicle or the station. Thanks to that, one more potential issue is eliminated.

Lasts For a Long Time

Durability is something that you want with charging stations. Over time, you will replace some of the vehicles in a fleet, or decide to invest in a new private electric vehicle. It would be great if you don’t have to deal with frequent changes to your charging stations.

This particular option is designed to last for a number of years. In fact, you may replace multiple vehicles before the time comes to think about new stations. See this as one way to get more from the initial investment.

Talk with an expert and find out what other features you want in electric vehicle charging stations. Compare what they tell you with the charges offered by ChargePoint. You’re likely to find that everything you need is provided, plus a few other features that you can put to good use.