Each time you visit the hospital, you see various beds. To a lay man, the beds might not have any special meaning, but indeed they have. Some of them are adjustable while some of them are not. When a patient is given a bed in the hospital, it depends to large extend on the illness disturbing the patient.

Just to explain, when we say adjustable, we mean the beds that can easily be changed or altered into various slapping or lying positions The adjustable beds have got height and slope that can be easily changed to various level and slopes. They could be electric or manual. Electric beds make use of the electricity while the manual adjustable beds make use of mechanical wind-ups. In electric adjustable beds, all you need to do is just use the remote control to alter the bed. In mechanical adjustable beds, you wind –up or wind-down the bed to a required position. Most of them have both mechanical and electrical adjustment. In case of power failure, the mechanical mode can be used.

When to use the adjustable bed

Due the flexibility of this kind of bed, the patients especially those in pain can alter it to suit them in a position that will greatly reduce the pain.

Adjustable beds are also beneficial to patients with congestive cardiac failure. These patients always present with difficulty in breathing while lying down, thus adjustable beds are used to position the patients with heart failure in to right sitting position.

After surgery, patients are advised to lie in a sitting position. This can only be done using the adjustable beds. The adjustable beds not only exist in hospitals but also in various homes. The bed is not common because of the its cost. Individuals who can afford the best adjustable beds can purchase it for a sound and memorable sleep all through the night.