Owing to the fact that bricks are cheap and readily affordable, most homes are made of bricks. Almost all neighborhoods have brick homes. Nowadays, bricks are used with stones in home construction to give a house that extra edge. In this article we will focus on the pros and cons of brick homes; just to understand why many opt for brick homes.

Some of the advantages include:


Although prices of bricks vary, they are relatively affordable. Bricks are locally manufactured hence there affordability. Prices of bricks may be tagged according to the manufacturing process and the durability of the brick.

Low-maintenance cost

Unlike wood, bricks do not break, rot or loose color. Bricks are durable and retain their color. This simply means no need to replace, fix or paint regularly to ensure that your home is in good shape.

Weather and fire resistance

Brick homes are known to withstand extreme weather conditions. Studies show that bricks are able to withstand extreme conditions unlike the other construction materials.

Bricks don’t aid in the spread of fire as they are noncombustible. As such, this brick property makes them be able to contain fire and prevent it from spreading.

What then are the negatives?

Weather Conditions

During construction, wet weather conditions would make the bricks not hold together properly. For this reason, brick homes are best constructed in non humid conditions. This results to delays in case of weather changes.

Time and Cost

Owing to the fact that bricks are laid down one by one, brick home construction is labor demanding. Moreover, it is time consuming to lay down the bricks.

Costly maintenance

If the contractor did a shady job, maintenance of a brick home may be costly. For example, if there are cracks, these cracks may let in moisture that may result to structural problems. This the main reason you need certified contractors. East Texas custom home builders is the home of credible contractors.

Conclusively brick homes are admired by many because of the evident pros. Moreover, their downside are not so costly if addressed on time.