A vanity unit is a small cupboard that stands on the floor in the bathroom and has a wash basin. They help you shelving toiletries ensuring you bathroom is clean and tidy. Vanity units come in various designs and sizes. Listed below are the various types of vanity units.

  1. Cloak room vanities

Designed specifically for small or minimal space. Cloak room vanities are ideal for tight spaces as they are small in size unlike the other vanity units. They also come with a small in-built cabinet which will help you in storing a few toiletries.

  1. Vanity Cabinets

Similar to kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets are spacious and larger in size hence their popularity. They are available in various sizes depending on the amount of storage space you need and the sink type you have. They have inbuilt cabinets just to give you the extra space you need.

  1. Corner vanities

As the name suggests, they are made to fit in corners. They are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. You can also opt for corner vanities if your aim is to minimize space usage.

  1. Round Bathroom vanities

With their easy to install feature and small size, you may want consider this if you need to install the vanity unit by yourself. They are also ideal for minimal space utilization.

  1. Double- Unit Vanities

These are designed to fit two basins unlike the single unit vanities. Their large size consequently makes them occupy more space. On the positive they also provide you with enough space to keep your toiletries.

  1. Square vanities

Square vanities just like round bathroom vanities save on space. Despite their small size they will still offer you the storage space you need.

Mentioned above are the various vanity units at your disposal to improve your bathroom outlook. All Things Bathroom Vanity Units will provide you with images of these vanity units and a more detailed information of the various units.